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    A school for each child

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    Consciously undertaking and succeeding!

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    A different kind of school

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    A forever changing and creative environment

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    Self-empowerment, as young as 5 years old

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    A humanist school

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    Committed educators who change the world…, one student at a time!

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    A school that links basic subjects to the entrepreneurship exit profile

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    Becoming the dreamer, creator and manager of your own micro-business

Different and holistic

Different and holistic

The Conscious Entrepreneurial Community School, also known as ECEC, proposes a modern, inclusive, responsible and humanist educational path. It is a new school, which operates in synergy with the community, allowing the children and the adults to learn differently, more in depth and globally.

A coherent model

A coherent model

Each Conscious Entrepreneurial Community School, also know as ECEC, takes shape within the Conscious entrepreneurial learning program (CELP). The CELP allows an academic institution to organize a coherent and sustainable educational environment, implemented around clear objectives highlighting the diversity of the environment and fostering strong mobilization.

Learning Program
A holistic educational model

A holistic educational model

The Pedagogical and educational approach in conscious entrepreneurship (PEACE) is an integrated approach: it ensures both the learning of basic school subjects and the exit profile of conscious entrepreneurship. These objectives foster personal development as well as societal development.

Pedagogical foundation
School-Family-Community Partnership

School-Family-Community Partnership

In a Conscious Entrepreneurial Community School, also known as ECEC, the school team, the families and the members of the community establish an organized human environment. This educational, dynamic and creative ecosystem works and collaborates to respond to the educational needs and pedagogical innovation.

Educational community